Bill 9 introduction – Lengthening serious injury and illness leave


This week in the Manitoba legislature Bill 9 was introduced, which would extend the maximum length of leave for serious illness and injuries under the Employment Standards Code from 17 weeks to 27 weeks (see here). The bill is not yet law though, if passed, would add up to 10 weeks of leave for workers who have sustained a serious injury or illness under the workplace safety and health regulations to aid workers in their recovery.

As we all know, serious injuries and illnesses can be debilitating for workers in the heavy construction industry. The impact of the injury can be long lasting and potentially life changing, not only on physical capabilities but a person’s mindset about safety and health.

For companies, this can be a confusing and time-consuming process – managing worker files, gathering documentation, incident investigations and navigating the WCB claims process.

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If your company is looking to grow its knowledge on what constitutes a serious injury or illness, reporting procedures and investigation steps, contact your regional advisor.

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