Ask the Auditor – Awarding Points

A WORKSAFELY™ COR audit is a systematic process used to verify the performance of a health and safety management system, compared to an industry standard. The WORKSAFELY™ COR audit records, measures and presents the results of this verification.

To pass the WORKSAFELY™ COR audit, a company must achieve a minimum score of 50% in each of the 14 elements and an overall score of 80%. Not understanding where to award points can lead to missed points for an audit, or confusion on how to score the different elements. This edition of “Ask the Auditor” will focus on the ways points are awarded.

“And/or” questions

Understanding what is being asked in each question is important when scoring a WORKSAFELY™ COR audit. Many of the questions ask for 2 of the 3 requirements (documentation, observation, or interview) to be verified. These are “and/or” questions.

  • “and” questions worth 3 or fewer points require that you have both requirements verified to receive points. Should they not be verified, that section will be marked negative and awarded no points.
  • “and” questions worth 4 or more points can award partial points. See the audit guideline (on the previous page) how and if points are split between the two methods of verification.    
  • “or” questions need only one of the requirements verified to be positive, to receive full points.

*Note – all boxes must be filled in for all questions with either a “√” or an “x”. Do not leave scoring boxes blank. An “X” or “N/A” generates a comment for that specific question in the element at the bottom of the page.

Note: When using SiteDocs you must have answered all questions in order to complete the audit


 “Partial points” questions

In several questions of the WORKSAFELY™ COR audit there is the potential for partial points to be awarded. These questions are worth 4 points or more, as well as being “and” questions. These questions allow for points to be given based on what requirement they achieve. It is important to review the question description (on the previous page) to see where points are allocated and score accordingly.

Sometimes these “and” questions are not awarded full points by auditors because both requirements are not met. Reference the questions description to see if partial points may be awarded. 


“N/A” questions

“N/A” (“not applicable”) questions are those that do not apply to your company or the audit. Ensure these questions are marked “N/A” and not left blank, as not to confuse anyone reviewing the document.

If a question is “not applicable” be sure to subtract that question’s score from the Total Points Awarded and the Executive Summary Sheet total for accurate results.