Use e-COR to manage and monitor your COVID-19 initiatives

Keeping workers safe during a pandemic is no easy task.  Especially on paper.  WORKSAFELY™ offers you the option of a paperless safety-management system, which naturally allows for physical distancing required during the coronavirus outbreak, to keep workers updated, and facilitate remote work.

e-COR allows you to distribute critical information, introduce new protocols, monitor daily health screening, and even set up contact tracing if ever someone does test positive.

For those looking to do away with the paper, e-COR™ is a digital platform that stores, organizes and submits all of your company’s documentation for workplace health and safety. Going electronic simplifies our programs – and by extension, our workloads – and gets safety in the hands of our workers while promoting physical distancing.

The more than 80 WORKSAFELY™ companies who use this digital safety and health program say e-COR has helped them manage their safety and health program and execute the key principles of COR.

For more information on our e-COR program, please contact Sarah Craig at 204-947-1379.