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COVID-19 resources

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MHCA WORKSAFELY® has prepared the following resources which provide information about COVID-19 and measures to protect people in our industry from the virus.

This information has been prepared through shared input with our colleagues at CSAM and other partners of the CFCSA and is guided by direction from provincial and federal public health agencies.

Vaccines, public health recommendations and back to work
August 5, 2021
MHCA would like to remind all members and COR® clients that with the easing of public health restrictions, there remains an obligation to protect your workers and clients from possible COVID-19 infection. Read more

Safety Bulletin: Protecting against COVID-19
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COVID-19 Prevention Procedures for Construction Sites
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Common Questions and Answers regarding COVID-19
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COVID-19 Worksite health screening tool
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Safety tips for Workers on COVID 19
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What if my employee tests positive for COVID-19
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COVID-19 Enhanced Surface Cleaning and Disinfection
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Procedures for Use of cloth face masks to prevent spread of COVID 19
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Procedures for working when physical distancing is not possible during COVID 19
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COVID Screening Tool Matrix
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Working Inter-provincially during COVID-19
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COR® – Inspection & observation checklist
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More resources

The Manitoba Human Rights Commission has compiled guidelines regarding human rights and the use of COVID-19 vaccination policies, including in the workplace. Click here to read the guidelines.

The Manitoba government has introduced a new Manitoba Pandemic Sick Leave program that will provide employers with up to $600 per employee for up to five full days of COVID-19 related sick leave. Click here to read the full News Release.
Click here to view the powerpoint presentation.
For full details of this program please visit

Here is further information from the Government of Manitoba to help you implement safe work practices for COVID-19:

Additional resources for safe work procedures and policies for COVID-19:


Here are some signage resources you may find useful in your workplace:

Have more questions or need additional resources regarding COVID-19? 

Email Jackie Jones at [email protected]