The COR®/SECOR® program is available to all; from owner operator to large corporations within the Manitoba WCB Rate Code 407/408.  WORKSAFELY® is the Authority Having Jurisdiction to grant COR®/SECOR® in the province of Manitoba to the heavy construction industry.  

Employers wishing to bid on work outside of Manitoba are required to meet the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA) national COR® audit requirements.  Those companies outside the Manitoba WCB rate code 407/408 who are interested in obtaining COR®/SECOR® certification can contact us.

*Please note that SECOR® is only recognized in Manitoba.

Steps to Obtain your COR®/SECOR® Certification

Number 1 bullet

Have an active Manitoba WCB account in good standing and register the company in the COR®/SECOR® program.

Number 2 bullet

COR® companies – one owner/senior management and at least one full-time employee; SECOR® companies – minimum of one management – must complete the following courses:

  • Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE) – 2 days
  • Principles of Health & Safety Management (PHSM) – 1 day
  • Auditor Training Program – 2 days
Number 3 bullet

Company assembles their safety program manual and begins to implement the program elements into workplace activities and throughout the company.  Minimum of three months of implementation and documentation is required.  Company makes improvements/revisions as the program is implemented and updated.

Number 4 bullet

The company contacts WORKSAFELY® to request an external audit by a Qualified External Auditor.  The completed external audit is submitted to WORKSAFELY® for verification.

Number 5 bullet

If the external audit meets CFCSA National COR® audit standards, a COR®/SECOR® number is issued, and WORKSAFELY® will present the Certificate of Recognition to the company.

NOTE:  The certificate will be valid for one year from the initial certification year.  Internal audits are required annually in between external audits to maintain certification.

To be granted COR®/SECOR® certification – External Audit

  • Year 1 & 2 – Internal Audit
  • Year 3 – External Audit

NOTE:  Onus is on the company to maintain their COR®/SECOR® status ‘in good standing’.  Should a company break the cycle by allowing their COR®/SECOR® to lapse, please contact WORKSAFELY® for more information.

Learn more about COR® and begin the certification process

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