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WORKSAFELY goes to your worksite, tailors to your needs

Worksafely Safety Advisory Ed Gregory performing an external COR audit
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With our construction season winding down, many of our companies are working with their advisors to organize training that is customized to their specific workplaces.

WORKSAFELY™ is continuing to work to meet individual company needs. This means that we are available to discuss with you, your company and employees’ specific training needs, and can tailor courses that can be delivered at your worksite or in our facility.

Beyond the COR™ and various safety courses, we also offer leadership/human-resource training specific to supervisors such as managing impairment in the workplace or ethics in the heavy construction industry. Additionally, if there is training that you require that we do not currently offer, we can develop that specific training or hire an expert in that area.

For more information on the training we offer, please contact Kristen at 204-947-1379. Your WORKSAFELY advisor is also a great resource for you to discuss specific training needs for your company.

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