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COR™ companies

These companies have been verified by (and certified through) WORKSAFELY™ as meeting all elements of the COR™ program.

MHCA applauds, as well,  all of its members who have achieved the nationally recognized COR™ through any member of  the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations (CFCSA).

See the list of companies with COR™ reciprocity.

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There are currently 328 companies in this directory
3572405 Manitoba Ltd. o/a Joey Werbicki Trucking

4136225 Manitoba Ltd. o/a P. Baker Backhoe Services

5584281 Manitoba Ltd. Hunter Trucking

5624046 Manitoba Ltd. o/a Bobs Hauling

5705372 Manitoba Ltd. o/a Silverline Oilfield Services

6669884 Manitoba Ltd. t/a Parish Backhoe

A & R Concrete Pumping Ltd.

A. Brunet Ltd.

AAE Tech Services Inc.

Able Concrete Ltd.

Absolute Underground Ltd.

Accurate HD Ltd.

Adams Contracting (1989) Ltd.

AJ’s Maintenance & Supply Ltd.

Al Meisner Ltd.

Al-San Underground Ltd.

Allen & Bolack Excavating Ltd.

Alliance Underground Inc.

Anderson Logging Inc.

Aquajet Canada Incorporated

Armcon Ltd.

Armstrong Construction Ltd.

Arnason Industries Ltd.

Assiniboine Injections Ltd.

Atkins Underground LP

ATS Traffic Manitoba Ltd.

Austin Powder Ltd.

Austins Welding Ltd.

B & B Schmidtke Trucking (2010) Ltd.

B-Sharp Excavating Inc.

B&B Landscape & Cartage Inc.

Badger Creek Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

Badger Daylighting Manitoba Ltd.

Barren Lands Construction Co. Ltd.

Bayer Canada (Previously Monsanto Canada Inc. – Canola Trait Integration)

Bayview Construction Ltd.

BCN Construction

Beaver Sewer & Water Services Ltd.

Beech Electric Ltd.

Ben Wiebe Construction (1985) Ltd.

Bestland Excavation Ltd.

BFN Construction Inc.

Birds Hill Gravel & Stone Ltd.

Bituminex Paving Ltd.

Bobs Contracting (2005)

Bochurka Bros. (1979) Ltd.

Bolack Construction Ltd.

Borland Construction Inc.

Breezy North Construction Inc.

BT&T Construction Inc.

Building Products & Concrete Supply Ltd.

Buus Construction Ltd.

C & B Stirling Enterprises Ltd.

C & C Rentals Ltd.

Cal McKay Construction

Cambrian Blasting Co. Ltd.

Cambrian Excavators Ltd.

Campbell Construction Inc.

Camster Construction Ltd.

Canyon Contracting Ltd.

Castle Oilfield Construction

CD Oilwell Servicing Ltd.

Cement Works Inc.

Centennial Contracting Ltd.

Centennial Gravel & Excavating Ltd.

Chabot Enterprises Ltd. o/a L. Chabot Enterprises Ltd.

City Mix Inc.

City of Winnipeg - Water Services Division

Cochrane Stock Farms

Cook Bros. Cartage Ltd.

Country Ventures Repair and Maintenance Ltd.

Coyote Ridge Contracting Ltd.

Cros-Man Direct Underground Ltd.

Crown Pipeline Ltd.

Crown Utilities Ltd.

D K Landscaping Ltd.

D.B.A. All Season Home Maintenance

D&D McCaughan & Son Ltd.

Dan’s Excavating Ltd.

Darco Group Ltd.

Daven Excavating

Dennis Friesen

Derksen Trucking Ltd.

Diamond Ready Mix Concrete Ltd.

Dickinson Mowing & Spraying

Dig All Construction (1994) Ltd.

Dig-It Enterprises Ltd.

Dig-Mor Construction Ltd.

Direct Traffic Ltd.

Dirt Pro Inc.

DJN Services Ltd.

Dominion Divers (2003) Ltd.

Don Sikora Contracting Ltd.

Double A Construction WPG

Double J Contracting

Down Under Excavating Ltd.

Drytech Concrete and Roadways LTD

Dyck Construction (Wpgosis)Ltd.

Dytron Ltd.

E.F. Moon Construction Ltd.

Eagle Eye Excavation

Earth Max Construction Inc.

Earthworks Construction

Eddie’s Gravel Supply Ltd.

Edie Construction Ltd.

Elite Crushing Ltd.

Elite Redi Mix Ltd.

Ernst Hansch Construction Ltd.

ET Development Ltd.

Eye Level Services Ltd.

Fanset Construction Co. Ltd.

Farmboy Ventures

Fast Brothers (1978) Ltd.

Fort Distributors Ltd.

Fredy's Welding Inc.

Friesen Hauling and Excavating Inc

Fyk Construction

Garden Hill First Nation

Gem Industries Ltd.

Giesbrecht Excavating Ltd.

Glacial Aggregates Inc.

Glacier North Ltd.

Glenat Enterprises Ltd.

Glenko Enterprises (1994) Ltd.

God’s Lake First Nation

Gravier Collet Gravel Inc.

Great Plains Rail Contractors Inc.

H. Baudry Construction (1980) Ltd.

H.D. Grand Enterprises Ltd.

Hamiota Municipality

Hard Rock Electric Ltd.

Harris Holdings Ltd.

Harschall Construction Ltd.

High Level Construction 2003 Inc.

Hirst Construction

Hodgson Construction Inc

Hoes N’ More Rentals Ltd.

Horizon Earthworks Ltd.

Hugh Munro Construction Ltd.

Hy-Way Construction Inc.

Interlake Crane Inc.

Intermountain Contracting Ltd.

Interock Trucking Inc.

Iron North Limited Partnership

J & R Excavating Ltd.

J.C. Paving Ltd.

J.K.W. Construction Ltd.

J&G Homes

Jacobson Commercial Ltd.

JB Construction (Swan River) LTd.

JC Lavich Construction 2010 Ltd.

Jensen Rentals Ltd.

JH Excavating

Jim Fluker Construction Ltd.

JMS Watt Bros. Ltd.

Johannesson Trucking and Excavation Ltd.

John P. Enns Construction Ltd.

John Tucker Trucking Ltd

Jolly Construction

JP Thorne Enterprises Ltd.

Julmac Contracting Ltd.

K & L Contracting Ltd.

K Kilford Construction Ltd.

Kelsey Bus Lines 2014

Ken Stephanow Trucking

Kerry’s Cottage Lifting & Leveling Ltd.

Kings Services

Kissemattawa Echoing Construction Ltd.

Knysh Construction Ltd.

Kroeger Backhoe Service

L.E.T. Construction (1984) Ltd.

Lafarge Canada Inc.- Ready Mix & Aggregates

LaJambe Enterprises Ltd.

Lakefront Restorers

Lakeside Excavating

Lavallee Gravel Inc.

Lavallee Trucking Ltd.

Lawson Consulting & Surveying Ltd.

Lehigh Hanson Cement Ltd.

Lehigh Hanson Inland Aggregates Ltd.

Lehigh Hanson Inland Pipe Ltd.

Little Grand Rapids First Nation/Miishipaawiitik Inc.

Long Shot Services

Lopes Excavation Ltd.

M A Iron Works Inc.

Mac’s Rentals (1986) Ltd.

Macaw MacDonald Ltd.

Main Line Industries Ltd.

Major Excavation/Cartage Ltd

Manitoba infrastructure - water management

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 1

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 2

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 3

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 4

Manitoba Infrastructure Region 5

Manitoba Infrastructure, Materials and Engineering Branch

Manto Sipi Cree Nation

Maple Leaf Construction Ltd.

Marquette Gravel Supply 2000 Inc.

Matheson Island Community Council

Mazergroup Ltd.

McKeens Trucking Service Ltd.

MDM Sand & Gravel Ltd.

Mee-Mee-Wee-Seepi Development Corporation

Mehkana Development Corporation

Meseyton Construction Ltd

Metro Piling Ltd.

Mid Canada Hydroseeding

MidCanada Environmental Services Ltd.

Midnorth Development Corporation

Midwest Industrial Services

Mikahnow Construction Ltd.

Mr. Boomtruck Inc.

Multicrete Systems Inc.

Municipality of Harrison Park

Municipality of Russell-Binscarth

Nelson River Construction Inc.

Nelson River Logging Ltd.

Nexom Inc.

Nisichawayasihk Construction L.P.

Noble Electric Ltd.

Nor-Win Construction Co. Ltd.

North Main Trucking Ltd.

North Red Community Water Maintenance Inc

Northland Ready Mix Concrete

Northlands First Nation

Orbanski Construction Ltd.

Paragon Industries Ltd.

Park-Line Solutions Ltd.

Parkland Tractor Ltd.

Pauingassi First Nation

Paul Dueck, Darrell Dueck, Sheldon Dueck

Paul’s Construction 2009 Ltd.

Perfanick Enterprises Ltd.

Perfect Landscaping Ltd.

Perimeter Concrete Ltd.

Pfund Trucking Ltd.

Phoenix Crane & Erectors Ltd.

Playgreen Development Corporation

Polar Enterprises Ltd.

Poplar River First Nation

Powell Construction Ltd.

Precision Joint Sealing Inc.

Precision Land Solutions Inc.

Preset Piling Ltd.

Pro Star HDD

Profile Paving Ltd.

Pughs Sand & Gravel Ltd.

Quantum Utilities Ltd.

R & M Parker Excavation Ltd.

Ray-Ann Transport Ltd.

RCB Manitoba Ltd.

Red Sucker Lake First Nation

Reedy Creek Construction

Reliance Services (1994) Ltd.

Rempel Backhoe & Gravel

Rempel Excavating

River East Construction Co Ltd.

RKs Metal Construction

RM of Ellice-Archie

RM of Minto-Odanah

RM of Portage la Prairie

RM of Wallace-Woodworth

Rob Smith & Son Backhoe & Trucking Ltd.

Rob’s Bobcat Service

Rock Country Gravel

Rocky Road Recycling Ltd.

Rohl Enterprises Ltd.

Ross Industries Ltd.

Russell Redi-Mix Concrete

Saler’s Backhoe & Trucking Ltd.

SCMS Inc. Concrete & Material Services

SEG Enterprises Ltd.

Selkirk Redi Mix Ltd.

Shoreline Excavating Ltd.

Sigfusson Northern Ltd.

Silver Dirtworks

Smook Contractors Ltd.

SMS Equipment Inc.

Southwood Ventures Inc.

Spence Construction and Transport Ltd.

St. Martin Fish Agency

Stocki Trucking Inc.

Stoffel Surveys M.L.S. Ltd.

Subcan Ltd.

Subterranean (Manitoba) Ltd.

Superb Construction Group Ltd.

Superior Asphalt Paving Co. Ltd.

Superior Technologies Weighing and Controls Inc

Surespan Construction Ltd.

T & C Trenching & Excavating Ltd.

Taillieu Construction Ltd.

Taplin Earthworks Inc.

Teemo Enterprises Ltd.

Terry Lavallee Construction Ltd.

The Manitoba Water Services Board

The Town of Stonewall

The Wither Group Inc. – Red River Construction

Tiger Calcium Services Ltd.

Timberline Transport Ltd.

Towle Construction Ltd.

Town of Morris

TREK Geotechnical Inc.

Trenchworks Ltd.

Tri-Core Projects Ltd.

Tri-Line Construction Ltd.

Tri-M Truckin Ltd

Tri-Wave Construction Ltd.

Triple L Excavating Ltd.

TTES Consulting Inc.

Tutthill Construction Ltd.

Uni-Jet Industrial Pipe Services

Valley Rock Construction

Voltage Power Ltd.

War Lake First Nation

Wayne’s Backhoe & Excavation Ltd.

Weik Construction Ltd.

Western Concrete Products

White Stone Construction Ltd.

Whitford Paving

Wichi Enterprises

Wildcard Excavation Inc.

Willms Craning Ltd.

Winkler Construction Ltd.

Winnipeg Environmental Remediations Inc.

Wrey Vickery & Sons Construction

Wurtz Bros. Ltd.

Zenith Paving Ltd.