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WORKSAFELY™ Advisory Committee

The WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Advisory Committee was established by the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) Board of Directors to provide it advice and recommendations regarding the planning, operations and evaluation of the WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Program and related offerings on issues pertaining to safety and health in the heavy construction industry. 

Under this mandate the Committee:

  • Provides sector-specific input on the direction of the WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Program and related offerings
  • Ensures the WORKSAFELY™ COR™ Program meets or exceeds the Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Act and Regulations, and is aligned with Safe Work Manitoba’s standards and guidelines, and meets or exceeds the National COR™ standard
  • Promotes public awareness of workplace safety and health and injury and illness prevention within the heavy construction industry
  • Ensures training meets or exceeds the WORKSAFELY™/COR™ requirements.

Interested in having a voice? Join the committee. Contact us for more information.